Atlantis Community Experts

Atlantis recognizes expert members of the virtualization community and their passion for technology and transformative approaches to data center designs. Connect with these industry experts to learn more about Atlantis and other virtualization technologies.

Atlantis Experts
  • Femi Adegoke

    Femi Adegoke

  • Daniel Bolton

    Daniel Bolton

  • Dieter Boonen

    Dieter Boonen

  • Geert Braakhekke

    Geert Braakhekke

  • Marco Broeken

    Marco Broeken

  • Neil Burton

    Neil Burton

  • Julien Cohen

    Julien Cohen

  • Fabrice Colas

    Fabrice Colas

  • Barry Coombs

    Barry Coombs

  • Kyle Davies

    Kyle Davies

  • Rick Dehlinger

    Rick Dehlinger

  • Trent Dilkie

    Trent Dilkie

  • Jacques Ecormier

    Jacques Ecormier

  • Nick Fuchs

    Nick Fuchs

  • Jarian Gibson

    Jarian Gibson

  • Thomas Gotthalmseder

    Thomas Gotthalmseder

  • James Green

    James Green

  • Steve Greenberg

    Steve Greenberg

  • Trond Eirik Haavarstein

    Trond Eirik Haavarstein

  • Gareth Hogarth

    Gareth Hogarth

  • Victor HOMOCEA

    Victor HOMOCEA

  • Edwin Houben

    Edwin Houben

  • Kyle Jenner

    Kyle Jenner

  • Chris Ketting

    Chris Ketting

  • Bill Kleyman

    Bill Kleyman

  • Mark Knouse

    Mark Knouse

  • Jason LaFavers

    Jason LaFavers

  • Andrea Mauro

    Andrea Mauro

  • Theresa Miller

    Theresa Miller

  • Karl Nicholson

    Karl Nicholson

  • Andreas Nick

    Andreas Nick

  • Andy Osborne

    Andy Osborne

  • Paul Pettit

    Paul Pettit

  • Joep Piscaer

    Joep Piscaer

  • Thomas Poppelgaard

    Thomas Poppelgaard

  • Claudio Rodrigues

    Claudio Rodrigues

  • Herman Rutten

    Herman Rutten

  • Jason Samuel

    Jason Samuel

  • Barry Schiffer

    Barry Schiffer

  • Vladan Seget

    Vladan Seget

  • Joe Shonk

    Joe Shonk

  • Marino Simons

    Marino Simons

  • Robert Sims

    Robert Sims

  • Julien Stanojevic

    Julien Stanojevic

  • Remko Tuinstra

    Remko Tuinstra

  • Danny van Dam

    Danny van Dam

  • Bas Van Kaam

    Bas Van Kaam

  • Christian Weber

    Christian Weber

  • Leon Wijnhoven

    Leon Wijnhoven

  • Landon Winburn

    Landon Winburn

  • Dane Young

    Dane Young