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September 29, 2015

DRIVE DISRUPTION: HyperScale DRIVE Series Beckons You

Tushar Agrawal - 


“Be the change you wish to see in the world”, said Mahatma Gandhi guiding the arduous but fulfilling path to bringing a transformation in the world. Our world here at Atlantis is datacenter computing and the gist of this quote was very much our guiding principle for Atlantis HyperScale. Now, you can join us in this journey through HyperScale DRIVE, a series of fun race-themed events around Atlantis HyperScale for our partners, customers and prospects. More on HyperScale DRIVE in just a minute, first let me answer the question taking form in your mind, what makes Atlantis HyperScale so transformative?

Atlantis HyperScale is a culmination of a series of bold bets stacked against a sea of conservative secretive old-school approach that other hyper-converged and traditional-storage vendors are leveraging for squeezing the last penny out of customers. Here are three key ways Atlantis HyperScale changes the game:

  1. All-flash, no compromise: Stemming from Atlantis CEO and Founder Chetan Venkatesh’s vision of democratizing performance, we took a stand that we will stop the performance compromises and hacks that hybrid (mix of SSD and HDD) hyper-converged and traditional storage architectures result for customer workloads. And, it was decided that Atlantis HyperScale will be all-flash, period. No tuning, no tweaks, just pure fast performance right out of the box. The challenge then becomes cost, because flash is still expensive, right? Hint: Intelligent software and transparent pricing. Read on.

  2. True Software-Defined Data Reduction: At Atlantis we have been hard at work on refining and hardening our award-winning data reduction technology since 2009. And, we wanted this to be fully software-defined with no hardware dependencies so it could be applied to any hardware platform. That effort shines with Atlantis HyperScale as we can deploy our data reduction technology on industry standard x86 servers and amplify small physical raw flash storage to large usable storage capacity, achieving $/GB and $/IOPS figures that are lower than hybrid architectures.

  3. Freedom of Choice, Genuine Pricing: In my short time here at Atlantis, I have seen a real emphasis on driving real change and becoming heroes for customers than just counting the beans. We decided that Atlantis HyperScale will not lock customers to specific hardware and then milk money over time. Rather we enable customers to use what they like and partners to sell what they like and take on the hard task of providing the same consistent experience on multiple platforms. We also took the stand to eliminate the practice of secretive and inflated pricing by a) publishing our real pricing (not inflated pricing that is discounted variedly later) front and center on our web-page and b) by enabling customers to get hardware from the vendor of their choice at the price they can get without any mark-ups from Atlantis. All this combines to a 50% - 90% lower cost for Atlantis HyperScale compared to alternatives. It’s true, check out our cost comparison tool or request for a quote here.

No wonder then, that since the launch, Atlantis HyperScale has generated a tremendous of interest and excitement in the market. From a mention in the Gartner MQ to IDC calling Atlantis HyperScale ”Disrupting the disruptor”, from definitive press articles to glowing customer testimonials, Atlantis HyperScale has started bringing about the change we want to see in the datacenter. And, it has bolstered our determination to bring this transformation to the entire datacenter community. That’s where HyperScale DRIVE comes in.

HyperScale DRIVE is a series of regional racing events across major cities in North America and Europe for Atlantis customers, prospects and existing or new partners. Each event involves plenty of time on the track racing high performance go karts. There will also be dinner provided and networking interspersed with engaging content on the coolest, fastest hyper-converged offering in the market. Should be a blast, right?

What’s more, the winner of each regional DRIVE race will win an all-expenses paid trip to the ultimate driving experience, “The Atlantis Cup”. In addition, if you’re a valued Atlantis partner you can complete your Atlantis HyperScale sales or technical certification by attending a special break-out session.

So come along. Join us in HyperScale DRIVE.

Together, let’s “Drive the change we wish to see in the datacenter market”.

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