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October 07, 2015

CTO’s Top10 September 2015

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis


The overwhelming amount of news sources, social media streams, vlogs and whitepapers can be a true information avalanche. My second nature is to read, share and where possible, use the information in business and my private life. Every month I will share my Top10 overview of articles worth reading -  hopefully it’s useful and fun to read.

This is my list:

  1. Geek/Home lab: As CTO and all-around geek I love to get my hands dirty, get shit done #GSD, - JustDoIT with new software and hardware. I like to investigate new technology areas and check new use-cases about modern workspace and modern datacenter technologies. I want to share my latest gem, four Intel NUCs with 128GB RAM and 4TB SSD raw capacity, 5th generation Intel Core i5 CPUs. All is built in an Apple styled case with an EL-paper powered Atlantis logo. Get insights in my latest addition to my personal home lab, Four Intel NUCs on steroids in awesome custom build case. What is your ultimate home lab? Does it meet the WAF!?

  2. Storage: Understanding the real impact of deduplication is critical for any (storage) IT professional in the modern datacenter. This is true from both performance and capacity perspectives. Choose wisely by understanding the impact of deduplication, a key data service functionality. Do you want to know why 16KB blocks with e.g. HP 3PAR or Nutzanix isn’t great at all for VDI or SQL? Want to better understand the value and differentiator of de-duplication for your environment? This blog is a must read: Putting a leash on storage expansion.

  3. Inspiration: I am learning every day in both business and technology. I love IT! Last month I read a great book “How successful people think” and read a couple of great blog posts such as The four best pieces of business advice I ever got, 5 Things Successful Leaders Never Forget to Do and Ten Things I Learned from Traveling. Some things I do on a daily basis: Just look out what needs to be done and do it (JustDoIT or #GSD) and ‘If it was your money, would you invest it in that business to?’ I hope you find these blogs inspirational as well. Want to share your favorite book or blog?

  4. Modern Datacenter/Automation: With the release of Citrix Workspace Cloud (CWC) and Citrix Life Cycle Manager as an important solution within CWC, I am convinced it’s important to understand the value of automation and orchestration in the modern datacenter and AnyCloud. Gunnar Berger (Citrix CTO) created this nice overview video of Citrix LCM and at VMworld we interviewed Joe Vaccaro (Citrix, Director Product Management). Also an awesome blog Automating Software Defined Storage with Atlantis USX in a Modern Datacenter is created. The Citrix Workspace Cloud subscriptions overview is available here. Get a jump start with CWC and LCM by reading and watching this material. BTW: Do you know the five building blocks in a Modern Datacenter? Next time I’ll share my view on a Modern Workspace, Modern Datacenter and AnyCloud – Stay tuned.

  5. VDI on steroids: Integration, implementation and performance guides for Unidesk, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenDesktop, AppSense and Atlantis USX written in an awesome blog by community friend Dane Young. “User Experience is king. GPU capabilities and blazing fast solid state storage is the standard for a modern virtual workspace! – Ruben”. A complete webinar about this topic with support of LoginVSI and XtraDesktop is recorded and available here. This is worth the time to watch  and there is no registration needed.

  6. Disruption: An awesome blog post by Chris Mellor from the register with great insights from Chetan Venkatesh (Atlantis CEO) about the DSSD, data centre disk killer rising from the deep: It’s really worth reading. Also community friend Bob Janssen (CTO at RES Software) wrote a blog post Organizations Need Disruptive Innovation to Survive. I also liked the blog post: Airbnb Shares The keys to Its infrastructure and the Internet of Soda, Why Coca-Cola has stockpiled 16 million network IDS. I am convinced we are disrupting the storage business and would love to share my view on that with you. Let me know and challenge me.  

  7. Graphics and VDI – TeamRGE. Learn more about VDI, 2D/3D graphics, strategic questions, the key solutions in this space such as AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and their latest developments in the space of  Desktop Virtualization and graphics. Download the new unbiased, independent Smackdown whitepaper from Hope you find it valuable.

  8. Real life: Everyone who uses Unified Communications on a regular basis recognizes ton of the examples of this video ‘A Conference Call in Real Life.’ Hahaha, been there done that: D

  9. Windows 10 – TeamVRC: Learn more about the best practices and performance impact of Windows 10 in VDI. Read the performance impact of browsers in VDI from Team Virtual Reality Check and download this great content from www.projectVRC.TEAM

  10. People are crazy: This crazy example of extreme sport makes clear that some people are really passionate and crazy about their sport. A Crazy Wingsuit Flight

  11. Icon set: The ultimate icon set contains Microsoft Enterprise, Cloud, and Azure symbol / icons. A must have for every IT professional.

  1. Bonus: 12 Words The Dutch Think Are English and 19 Of The Most Cleverly Done Street Ads Ever!

“The modern workspace is the engine of the digital workplace for today’s workforce.” User Experience is king. GPU capabilities and blazing fast solid state storage is the standard for a modern virtual workspace!”  Ruben Spruijt, CTO Atlantis Computing | MVP, CTP, vExpert

When you have questions, feedback, suggestions for great information I definitely must read or potentially share please let me know. I have created a great overview of storage and Atlantis related articles, blogs, whitepapers and videos. If you want to get up2speed fast and want to receive this email please send me an email and thanks for following me on twitter @rspruijt

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