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November 04, 2015

CTO’s Top10 October 2015

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis


With an overwhelming amount of news sources, social media streams, blogs and whitepapers it can be a true information avalanche. Reading, sharing and where possible use the information in my business and private life is a 2nd nature for me. Every month I will share my Top10 overview of articles worth reading. Hopefully it is useful and fun to read. This is my list:

  1. Inspiration: I always enjoy reading inspirational books and blogs. In found a couple articles worth to read. The four best pieces of business advice I ever got and 7 habits of highly respected leaders and what your morning habits say about your work ethic. Interesting questions are answered in the blog posts: “If it was your money, would you invest it in that business?” or “You only come to me with problems. Why don’t you come to me with solutions? Or Just look out what needs to be done and do it #JustDoIT As CTO and also part of my personality I am always fast moving, forward thinking. This is awesome in business and personal life but sometimes it’s good and important to stand still and enjoy the big and small wins/achievements in life. I have learned to celebrate small and bigger successes so Why You MUST Celebrate Milestones is blog post I like a lot.

  2. StoryTelling: I love to use the storytelling art on a daily basis, quite often I receive feedback “Wow, not many vendors share their vision, industry insights and company solutions like this.”

    I like to be different and when you look at my presentation it’s common to use 80+ slides in a 40-minute session. Often people ask who selects and customize these pictures, that’s mostly me, myself and I using platforms like Pexels or Canva and collecting pictures and quote’s in my own store.

  1. Datacenter/Storage: Stretched Cluster support, replication, de-duplication aware snapshots, VVOL integration are just some examples of new functionality added in the latest Atlantis products. With stretched cluster support as part of USX 3.1, we won ‘Best of VMworld 2015’. Three time ‘Best of VMworld’ in the last 4 years, that is an awesome achievement no other competitors have achieved. Read the blog post if you want to know more about Atlantis Stretched Cluster High Availability without the High Cost also read StorageReview: Atlantis Introduces USX 3.1 and the detail about SSC Zwolle wins Best of VMworld 2015.

  2. Cloud: Public Cloud Markets get More Competitive that is for sure. Microsoft Azure, Amazon and Google leading the public cloud computing game, HP leaving the public cloud competition and VMware/VirtuStream, Oracle and IBM trying to catch-up and differentiate. Another interesting blog is the do-it-all storage giant is dying: Clouds loom over on-premises IT and The End of the Storage Industry As We Know It. What are the critical capabilities for public Cloud providers and how does Amazon, Google, Microsoft, VMware, VirtuStream compare with each other?

  3. Tech giants: I have read a couple of interesting blogs posts such as: Dell. EMC. HP. Cisco. These Tech Giants Are the Walking Dead and Making Sense Of The Dell-EMC-VMware Deal and Why More M&As Is a Sign That Scale Is No Longer an Advantage and Dell (Michael, that is): EMC's DSSD a 'game changer'. I love IT, never a dull moment, let’s see what will happen next with the other giants in our industry :D

  4. User Experience: User Experience is king, GPU capabilities and blazing fast solid state storage is the standard for a modern virtual. Do you know about Citrix HDX Framehawk? It’s worth to check out the video about HDX Framehawk Performance in XenApp and XenDesktop. Valuable technology is WAN/wireless scenarios while using Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp. Do you know how many (%) of people are using Citrix XenServer, HyperV and VMware vSphere? The blog post How Much XenDesktop on XenServer gives interesting industry insights. Did you know Atlantis USX and HyperScale is the only Software Defined Storage and Hyper Converged Infrastructure solution who support Citrix XenServer?

  5. Vision: Ruben’s perspective on Modern Workspace, Datacenter and AnyCloud is recorded in the webinar. Although it’s not 2016 yet Gartner shared their view on Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016: At a Glance When I share my view on the Modern Workspace I like this Quote “The modern workspace is the engine of the digital workplace for today’s workforce.” Think about it… what is your view on the Modern Workspace?

  6. Back to the Future: What people in 1900 thought the year 2000 would look like and 10 coolest things we saw at GITEX and 11 things 'Back to the Future Part II' got right about today's tech culture. These are all great blogs post which gives insights on future and history of technology. Talking about ‘Back to the future’ did you see Marty McFly & Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live? Nice!

  7. Solid State Storage: Understanding solid state technologies and their impact in Workspace and Datacenter is important for you and me. Reading PCIe SSD vs all-flash for enterprise storage and an Introduction to Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) and Intel Shows Off 3D XPoint Memory Performance are helpful resources. I like this NiceQuote “The future of storage I have seen, and software and flash it is” - Yoda -

  8. Security and Privacy: Spend one hour on this great Public lecture by Mikko Hyppönen about security, privacy, free and open internet, car hacking, Uber, self-driving cars etc. I like these topics a lot, it is really worth your time to check this lecture. In today’s world we are mostly well connected and rely vastly on public infrastructure solutions. Ransomware is becoming a bigger problem for more and more organizations and individuals. An interesting view:  FBI isn't wrong; sometimes you will have to pay the ransom And finally Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich gives an inside Look at Cloud Service Provider Security

Bonus: Just some fun and entertaining reads An American Visited The UK and His Description of British Life Is Absolutely Perfect or 10 important Dutch inventions and what about artist who turned his dead cat into a drone is now building a helicopter out of a cow.

Finally I travel a lot so this blog post about 35 Cool Gadgets That Make Business Travel Easier a good read for anyone who travels or who just like gadgets.

OK, finally the best 404 error message ever. Smile!


“If we just focus on security, we end up with less security. For security, we must focus on User Experience!”


When you have questions, feedback, suggestions for great information I definitely must read or potentially share please let me know. I have created a great overview of storage and Atlantis related articles, blogs, whitepapers and videos. If you want to get up2speed fast and want to receive this email please send me an email and thanks for following me on twitter @rspruijt

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