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May 19, 2016

Ultimate Desktop Virtualization Best Practices Guide

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis

The first Desktop Virtualization Best Practices Guide created by leading industry and community experts is now available for download!  The guide is truly amazing with more than 200 desktop virtualization and application remoting best practices in 14 different categories created by more than 30 leading experts are bundled in this great resource.

VDI-Guide-Cover.pngRegister now for the webinar on June 8th, 2016 @ 9 AM PST that walks through this amazing resource.  We'll discuss the practices that will help your data center architecture, guest OS configurations, GPU and remoting protocols, user environment management, image management and much more.
The best news is that the Ultimate Desktop Virtualization Best Practices Guide is available for free because Atlantis Computing and Intel are sponsoring this awesome resource. This guide will help you to design, build, configure and maintain successful desktop virtualization and application remoting solutions.

Download your copy now!

All the key area’s when you design, implement and maintain Desktop Virtualization solutions are covered in 14 different categories:
  1. Server Hardware
  2. Hypervisor
  3. Connection Broker
  4. Guest OS
  5. Remoting Protocols
  6. Networking
  7. GPU
  8. Storage
  9. User Environment Management
  10. Image Management
  11. Supporting Infrastructure
  12. Applications
  13. Various: Application Virtualization, Layering, Anti-Virus, Thin Clients
  14. Business and Project Lessons
Many great people contributed to this work. These End User Computing (EUC) enthusiast are my community friends and have shared their real-world practices. I'd encourage you to follow the key contributors and benefit from their insights and knowledge.

Name Contact
Dan Allen @DannyRayAllen
Gerjon Kunst @Gkunst
Andrew Morgan @andyjmorgan
Rob Beekmans @robbeekmans
James Rankin @AppSenseBigot
Sven Huisman @SvenH
Rory Monaghan @Rorymon
Wilco van Bragt @WilcovanBragt
Seth Knox @Seth_Knox
Carl Webster @CarlWebster
Nick Rintalan
Tobias Kreidl @t_kreidl
Magnar Johnsen @magnarjohnsen
Johan van Amersfoort @vHojan
Erik Bohnhorst @ErikBoh
Sander van der Hoek @Sandervdhoek
Jits Langedijk @JRLangedijk
Helge Klein @helgeklein
Theresa Miller @24x7itconnect
Patrick van den Born @pvdnborn
Hugo Phan @hugophan
Patrick Brennan @vPatrickB 
Aaron Parker @stealthpuppy
Jason Samuel @_JasonSamuel
Igor van der Burgh @Igor_vd_burgh
Thomas Krampe @thomaskrampe
Peter Fine @ExitTheFastLane
Rich Severson @RichSeverson
Hans Kraaijeveld @HansKraaijeveld
Andrew Wood @gilwood_cs
Daniel Feller @djfeller
Sandeep Pankhania @hakabo_uk
Kyle Davies @kdavies1988
Sinisa Sokolic @sinisasokolic
Ruben Spruijt @rspruijt
Fellow (Dutch) community peer, Frank Denneman, created a VMware a vSphere Design Pocket Guide. The content of this guide was also created with the support of the community. Frank and I both share the same passion to share knowledge and lead in the industry. We both share awesome content so everyone can benefit. It’s awesome to see Datacenter and Workspace knowledge being shared by the community in the community and larger industry.
Join the conversation on twitter and share your desktop virtualization insights using #VDIGuide to connect with peers on the topic of Desktop Virtualization.  If you want to share your best practices in the future and want to be part of this great community effort don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ruben Spruijt – field CTO - Atlantis Computing | @rspruijt | Citrix CTP, Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert
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