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May 17, 2015

Become a revolution, here we are with Atlantis HyperScale

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis


The Business Consumer

In today’s modern workspace it all starts with the business consumer. Understand what the business consumer needs to be productive with the device and applications they love, while helping keep the company crown jewels secure is fundamental for every organization. Today’s modern datacenter solution is a vital component which powers the user workspace. Focus on business consumer, modern workspace, - datacenter, - and AnyCloud solutions to thrive is reality, now and in the future!

‘A perfect storm’ that is my simple summary of the conversations I have with customers, partners and peers in the industry. Organizations demands much simpler, infinite scalable, easier to configure and support solutions which help them to do more with less people and accelerate their business without compromising security. I think it’s important to see the bigger datacenter and AnyCloud picture, it is key to think in solutions and not instantly in products and technology. Think BIG, start small and move fast.
revolution.pngIT datacenter infrastructure solutions can be segmented in three different areas. The first segment is what we call “Build Your Own” infrastructure, which means use the best of breed solutions to build the datacenter solution. The second segment is called ‘converged infrastructure’ solutions and the latest and third segment is called Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI). It’s great to see that the majority of organizations are investigating heavily and adopting (hyper) converged solutions.

Software-Defined Agility

My vision and reality of a modern datacenter: its software defined, Hyper-converged, automated, orchestrated and uses AnyCloud. Software defined networking (SDN) and storage (SDS) are two different segments in the modern datacenter with a lot of freaking awesome and unique business benefits and technology developments. The key business benefits of Hyper-converged are improved time to market by using datacenter building blocks, deliver very scalable, easy to configure, maintain and support appliances using commodity hardware with memory, flash, SSD or spinning disks. Vendors in this space are Atlantis, Maxta, Nutanix, Simplivity and VMware.
Why is Atlantis HyperScale, or Hyper-converged solutions in general, a key component in your modern datacenter? Let me re-use one of the quotes of a key customer provided in an advisory board to answer that question: “by the time we are finished with the project there is already something else, we really need to move much faster! If we don’t do it differently (simpler and faster) the business will do it differently them self.” “IT pressure will grow, budgets will not.

Atlantis HyperScale

introducinghyperscale.pngIt’s great to be part of the revolution, the revolution is called Atlantis HyperScale it will revolutionize the datacenter and it is available today. So what is Atlantis HyperScale? It is an all-flash Hyper-converged appliance using commodity hardware, bringing server, - storage and virtualization together in a simple, hyper-scalable solution. The solution is powerful suited for modern and legacy workloads. Obvious Desktop Virtualization solutions such as VDI and Server Based Computing but also Microsoft Exchange, databases such as Microsoft SQL, Big Data platform and as general storage solution.

Customers need simplicity, need higher speeds and more capacity at a fraction of the costs. To accomplish this we need freedom. Freedom to choose hardware and virtualization platforms, freedom not to make tradeoffs because of costs, freedom to scale incrementally and simply. We need to change the economics of storage and become a revolution. This is us: Atlantis HyperScale the world’s first economics viable all flash Hyper-Converged appliance. Do you like it?! Do you want to join the revolution?! When you have any questions or feedback? Please let me know or twitter @rspruijt  


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