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May 18, 2013

VDI and SBC performance testing now easier and more realistic with LoginVSI v4

Andrew Wood - Atlantis


Here at Atlantis Computing we’re excited to see that Login VSI have announced a major new release – version 4 (v4) – of their industry standard performance and scalability tool for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures and Server Based Computing environments.

In order to ensure our Atlantis ILIO Atlantis storage and performance optimization virtual appliance delivers, we are committed to detailed testing and validation. Atlantis  Computing are proud to own the ‘Tested with Login VSI’ award in recognition for our proven commitment towards testing and securing the optimal performance, scalability and reliability.


Login VSI v4

The key for a successful testing tool is the ability to generate and maintain in-the-field workloads. Login VSI have built on extensive customer feedback programs, and production testing projects executed at multiple customer and vendor sites, such as the acclaimed independent research project Virtual Reality Check.

Login VSI have designed v4 to allow testing of VDI and SBC environments to be easier and more realistic than ever before. The latest release offers:

  • Simplified Installation The tool has been made easier to install, integrate and deploy by having its image footprint reduced by almost 90%. Centralization of management, updates and logging is intended to make the use of Login VSI even more efficient. Large-scale testing with minimal infrastructure has been enabled with Direct Desktop Launch (DDL). At Atlantis Computing, we very much approve of enabling large scale deployments with minimal infrastructure – it’s very much a focus of our Atlantis ILIO Diskless VDI product and aligns with a goal to help deliver the software defined data centre.
  • Improved Ease of Test Creation Login VSI have re-engineered a new user interface to be workflow oriented and more intuitive. The new workload editor introduces a new meta language to allow the customization of workloads to be transparent and efficient. A new bench-marking mode enforces strict testing standards, providing industry standard results that are objective, comparable and repeatable. Objectivity, comparability and repeatability are vital requirements in our rigorous testing release plan.
  • Enhanced Test Realism At Atlantis Computing we understand that for VDI and SBC testing using realistic production workloads is key to designing virtual desktop environments that will deliver for your business. Workloads and use cases are rarely static, and as VDI/SBC deployments increase the range of user environments increases. Login VSI have enhanced their test realism. Also the way in which segments and applications start has been improved to better reflect real world user behavior. To ensure a real world variety in data usage the datasets used in the workloads now offer 1000 different documents per type, there are more and larger websites, and a video library in every format.
  • Improved Reporting The new dashboard offers real-time test feedback, including progress, launched and active sessions, elapsed time and time left of the test in progress. The industry standard index VSImax has been further refined, enriching scalability results (max number of users), with objective baseline performance results (independent of tested load). Automated reporting with out of the box report ready graphs for all used settings, response times, and other data enhances the level, and choice, of information generated by the Login VSI analyzer.


Login VSI – VDI/SBC Industry Standard Testing

We test our Atlantis ILIO software appliances to rigorous quality standards. An advantage of having a software based solution is that after each change is made to the code, we are able to take the appliance through an automation framework that completes performance, scalability and reliability tests for thousands of desktops using a range of storage options. It is this structured approach to providing the best possible user experience for desktop virtualization, combined with our commitment to publishing validated reference architectures with Login VSI, that has allowed Atlantis to be recognized with our ‘Tested with Login VSI’ award.

The enhanced functionality in Login VSI’s latest major release will allow us to continue to deliver a scrupulous testing program in shorter times scales. At Atlantis Computing we look to drive cost savings through simplicity in software: to deliver outstanding performance for VDI/SBC environments. Login VSI’s version 4 will help us to continue to achieve that.

More information about Login VSI can be found at

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