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March 23, 2016

Future of VDI Technology with Atlantis and Workspot

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis


Future of VDI Technology

Currently, less than 10% of the 1.5 billion enterprise workspaces are Virtualized Desktops. Historically VDI didn't deliver on its promises - it overpromised and under delivered. It was too complex and expensive both CAPEX and OPEX.  The user and admin experience just wasn’t good enough. The days of VDI 1.0 are now over. 
Key technology advances are having an enormous impact on desktop virtualization - such as Workspace as a Service, Flash, Software Defined Storage (SDS), Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) appliances, Graphical Processor Units (GPU) and Software as a Service.  Additional developments are particularly interesting and promise high value that include Automation & Orchestration and along with Remote Display protocols. The legacy, traditional storage vendors such as Dell, EMC, NetApp and HP are the status quo in the storage industry and are now the dinosaurs of the legacy VDI days. Welcome to a new era of Desktop Virtualization!  Let’s make the virtual workspace better, cheaper and faster than VDI 1.0 and even better than the physical PC.

Simplify IT

The major characteristic of the Modern Workspace is diversity.  It includes diversity of applications and delivery platforms, diversity in device form factors (including wearables), diversity of Operating Systems, diversity of management solutions and finally, diversity in ownership of the device with its associated applications and data.
If you think IT is in control, you should take a deeper look.  Talk more often with your business consumers to understand what they want and what they achieve with or without the support of IT. The behavior and mindset of the business consumer in today’s enterprise has huge impact on the sourcing strategy, product development, application portfolio and the way how IT services are delivered. Examples of this can be found in labels such as DevOps, Software as a Service, User-centric, mobile and programmable infrastructure.  These represent shift in time - a time of simplified IT. 

Windows is dead

One of the core application delivery foundations of the Modern Workspace is Software as a Service. There is great business value delivering Web, SaaS and Windows applications to AnyDevice to AnyOne using AnyCloud. Some people in the industry propagate that Windows is dead, and make comments such as "We life in a post-PC era."  Based on my own enterprise customer interactions, various other community conversations and industry surveys, one thing is crystal clear - the role of Windows applications will be stretched far beyond 2020. We life in the era of "PC+" and are accustomed a diversity of devices and applications. Mobility, mobile applications and cloud computing are changing how and where we work. These developments have a huge impact on business users' perception of IT in our organizations. The era where IT dictated and controlled the applications is dead. Today is the era of the business consumer.

Workspot-webinar.pngWorkspace as a Service

Another big development in the modern workspace is Workspace as a Service. There are three dimensions in a Workspace as a Service  Offering:

1. Workspace as a Service – Sourcing Model is commonly referred to Desktop as a Service (DaaS). System Integrators and Value Added Resellers provide their services, including the workspace, to their customers. Often these are fully managed, hosted and support an outsourced management model. DaaS becomes Workspace as a Service when it is extended with Web/SaaS and mobile application delivery and management of device, data, access and user identity.

2. Workspace as a Service – Infrastructure Solution provides desktop and Remote Applications delivered in a cloud hosted platform. Amazon Workspaces, Microsoft Azure RemoteApp are great examples. While these solutions provide a ton of value to businesses and an end-customer, it is only solving half the problem. Someone still needs to provision and manage the applications. The User Environment needs to be configured and maintained. Someone needs to manage the application lifecycle and 101 different things within the environment. Only the core – the base – of the workspace infrastructure solution is delivered by the vendor. Transforming DaaS to Workspace as a Service with Web/SaaS/mobile application delivery and management of app, device, data, identity is a value asset in the modern workspace.
3. Workspace as a Service – Control Plane provides all the infrastructure components to deliver and manage the entire Workspace as a Service. There is a clear separation between infrastructure management and the actual execution of applications and desktops. Desktops and applications are managed on-premises at the customer site.  The VAR or system integrator manages the infrastructure while delivering them with solutions such as Citrix Workspace Cloud (CWC), VMware Horizon Air Hybrid mode and Workspot. Critical features enable the Workspace as a Service Control Pane such as Infrastructure and customer multitenancy, self-service, reporting facilities, secure access to applications and data, analytics, security insights, user and application assignment, integration with Identity and Access Management solutions.

Future of VDI Technology and Workspace – Workspot and Atlantis

Workspot is a 100% cloud-based Workspace as a Service platform. It is built from the ground up for the mobile, cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure era. Workspot solves the corporate challenge of securely delivering apps, desktops and data to any device with a great user experience across mobile, Mac and PC platforms. It provides offline access of data using local encryption technology, a flexible cloud licensing subscription model. The Workspot solution requires zero maintenance, scales instantly, provides deep end user experience analytics and monitoring, and is always up to date with the latest features. It truly is the next generation Application and Desktop delivery solution and delivers the Workspace as a Service Control Pane for your future environment.
The benefits using Workspot are profound. They have a fast pace of innovation which is delivered instantly in the service offering and provides secure delivery of windows/web/mobile applications.  It is secure and allows for easy access to network shares in your environment.  Workspot is disruptive to current on-premises Desktop Virtualization solutions and other workspace models. 
While Workspot delivers the infrastructure management platform for Desktop Virtualization, Atlantis provides the underlying hyperconverged infrastructure solution for running desktops with associated applications, on-premises back-end applications and corresponding infrastructure.
Atlantis HyperScale provides  All-flash Hyperconverged Infrastructure and delivers compute, storage and network resources in a single appliance suitable for enterprise, micro-datacenters and Remote Office Brand Offices (ROBO). The all-flash solution has undisputed performance, is very cost efficient, and includes features such as in-line and in-memory de-duplication at 4KB blocks.  It is no wonder why Atlantis has the highest market adoption in desktop virtualization.  We leave the status-quo storage and hyperconverged vendors behind. 

Together with Workspot, we make the promise of VDI happen. It is cost effective and removes complexity.  It is simple to setup and provides an awesome user and admin experience.
Ruben Spruijt, CTO – Atlantis Computing, @rspruijt
Want to discover more about Atlantis and Workspot please register for our webinar covering this topic on April 13th at 9:00 AM PST.
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