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March 04, 2014

Increasing the Flexibility, Scalability and Performance of Datacenter Storage with Atlantis ILIO USX


Storage here, storage there, storage everywhere. Does this sound familiar? At the pace that servers are being virtualized (74% of servers in 2014), storage capacity requirements are growing at 40% per year and doubling every 2 years. But the need is not for just more storage capacity, it is specifically for more high performance storage with the flexibility required by virtualized datacenters today.

Thankfully, there are many advances in storage hardware solutions such SAN, NAS, DAS, and All- Flash arrays that are lowering the cost per GB and providing better storage performance for virtual workloads. However, here is the challenge: managing and maintaining these separate storage system can be cumbersome, cost inefficient, and lack the flexibility required by today’s virtualized datacenters. Ideally IT should be able to use pools of existing servers and storage of any type combined with new and improved systems to deliver storage for any type of application or service dynamically and on-demand. Storage has to be unified and shareable!

One good way to tackle this challenge is with a software-based solution that can optimize how any SAN or NAS can be shared by even the most “performance intensive” virtualized applications.

Atlantis Computing recently introduced Atlantis ILIO USX (Unified Software-Defined Storage) to do just that. SAN and NAS arrays can now be pooled and shared across the datacenter, while performance needs are being met locally on the servers where the application VMs are running. Atlantis ILIO USX reduces storage IO traffic with several optimization technologies designed to make shared storage operate more efficiently – while locally delivering additional performance by transforming local server RAM into a highly “performant” storage tier through its proven In-Memory storage technology.

Atlantis ILIO USX supports any server workload including databases, mail, big data, collaboration, and line of business applications. It optimizes any type of shared storage and can also create hyper-converged or all-flash storage from existing datacenter storage components:

  • Shared storage arrays – Combination of RAM and optimized SAN, NAS, Flash
  • Hyper-converged – aggregation of RAM and local server storage: SSDs, SAS, SATA, Flash across any number of servers

Doing so enables organizations to create capacity and performance resource pools defined dynamically, and which can be shared and accessed across the datacenter. The benefits are many:

  • Increase flexibility of datacenter storage – extends shared SAN, NAS, and Flash to support any application across the datacenter.
  • Increase number of VM’s on existing storage by up to five times.
  • Transform DAS into enterprise-class storage to lower cost by pooling local server disk, flash, SSD, and RAM.
  • In-Memory performance to boost IO performance of heavy workloads.
  • Flexibility through policy-based controls for delivering optimal storage capacity, best performance, and availability for critical workloads.
  • Instant provisioning to create any type of storage and clone VMs within seconds.
  • Automation of deployment for installation, configuration, and datastore creation across the datacenter.

Atlantis ILIO USX enables the virtualized datacenter to use pools of shared storage resources to go along with existing server pools in order to provide the required flexibility for future growth – as workloads change, and will continue to change, to meet the continuously evolving business needs. The only constant today is “change”, which is why the flexibility and cost efficiencies delivered by software-based solutions are crucial to the virtualized datacenter.


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