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January 18, 2016

Three Ways Atlantis HyperScale Transforms Remote Data Center Experience

Tushar Agrawal - 

Remote data centers take many forms such as remote offices, branch offices or micro-datacenters. While remote offices or branch offices are small deployments such as bank branches, retail store or medical office, micro-data centers are relatively larger deployments such as factories, oil rigs or ships.
Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO)
Micro Data Center
Notwithstanding the form they take, these remote data centers have common challenges and requirements.
Let’s look at each of these challenges and requirements for a bit:
  • Limited IT staffing – As per the recent ActualTech survey sponsored by Atlantis, over 70% out of 600 respondents indicated they have over 3-5 remote sites. With many sites, it’s not feasible for organizations to deploy skilled local IT resources at each of these sites. Organizations need an infrastructure that is highly automated in how it can be deployed, managed and protected.  
  • Complex Deployment & Management – Building solutions using discrete server, storage, networking and virtualization technologies is too time consuming, complex and costly. With limited IT staffing and multi-site deployments, organizations need pre-packaged integrated solutions that can be deployed quickly and managed from a central location.  
  • Inefficient Data Protection – Remote data centers run line of business applications that need to be available at all times. A system down situation is time consuming and costly to resolve. In addition, current solutions require disproportionate amount of spare infrastructure to be deployed, increasing total cost of ownership.  
  • Total Cost Of Ownership – While storage and compute requirements are going up, budgets are staying flat or declining. Organizations need to do more with less while satisfying the business requirements of their customers. This means managing with fewer people, use less power, consolidate space and cooling.

Current Options Are Not Meeting These Requirements

The current options available to organizations take many forms such as Server + Direct-Attached Storage, Server + NAS/SAN, Server + Virtual Storage Appliance or Hybrid Hyperconverged appliances. While these solutions resolve some of the above challenges, none of them solve all the challenges collectively.

Introducing Atlantis HyperScale CX-4 Hyperconverged Appliance

After our launch of Atlantis HyperScale CX-12/CX-24 models in May 2015, we saw a tremendous amount of demand and interest. One key feedback was to also take the benefits of our technology to fit with smaller deployments and address the challenges that customers face with their existing choices. Looking at the key requirements that remote data centers have, we designed the Atlantis HyperScale CX-4 to offer unmatched simplicity and protection at half the cost.
Let’s look at what makes Atlantis HyperScale CX-4 a perfect fit for remote data centers.


Atlantis HyperScale takes infrastructure deployment simplicity to the next level by offering:
  • A Fully integrated appliance – Atlantis HyperScale CX-4 arrives at the customer site with pre-configured optimized blend of compute, storage, networking, hypervisor and hypervisor management. This enables organizations to start deriving value from Day One and shift IT resources away from maintenance towards innovation.  
  • Plug-play experience – Today, organizations configure systems at central site and then deploy at ROBO site. With our enhanced factory configuration options, Atlantis can apply ROBO site settings when building the appliance and then ship it directly to the ROBO site. With simple power and network cabling, organizations have compute and storage ready to use.  
  • Direct Connect Networking – ROBO sites are notorious for having slow networking. Asking for a 10GbE switch at these sites is borderline crazy. Hence the HyperScale CX-4 is designed to function without the need for 10GbE switches eliminating costs and complexity.  
  • Centralized Management – All Atlantis HyperScale appliances can be managed and deployed from a centralized location using the Atlantis USX software.


  • 50% Lower Cost – Starting at $43,000 for Supermicro appliance, Atlantis HyperScale CX-4 offers compute, storage, networking, hypervisor and hypervisor management fully configured with single point of support available 24 x 7 and next business day onsite parts replacements. This price point not only lowers the cost of entry to all-flash hyperconvergence by 50% but is also lower than hybrid hyperconverged offerings by that same number.  
  • Software + Hardware Flexibility – Today, hyperconverged vendors follow a rip-replace approach. Customers have to buy new and additional hardware if they want to leverage hyperconvergence. Atlantis is an exception. With Atlantis USX and HyperScale, Atlantis offers customers choice of investment protection with USX and Ease of Deployment with HyperScale. For multi-site deployments, this means customers can use their existing storage at the central site for backup/replication while having the choice to deploy HyperScale or USX on their remote sites.


  • Efficient Data Protection – Atlantis HyperScale CX-4 uses a mirrored two-node configuration that can tolerate up to a complete node failure. In addition, all the storage data services such as snapshot and cloning are data efficient implying less overheads and faster task completion. You can read our blog on data efficient data services for more details.  
  • Multi-Site Protection – Atlantis HyperScale can replicate to another HyperScale appliance or a USX volume running at the central or remote site for a true multi-directional DR architecture. In addition, Atlantis HyperScale CX-4 also supports tie-breaker configurations avoiding split-brain scenarios. You can read August 2015our blog on replication here. So, how do you like the new Atlantis HyperScale CX-4? Please be sure to let us know in the comments section below. This is just an overview blog to get started and keep watching this space for detailed blogs on each of the individual features shortly.
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