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December 08, 2015

Delivering the Ultimate Workspace - The Tour

Max Gill - 


The 2015 Ultimate Workspace Tour visited 13 European cities in November and December, with experts from six specialist vendors including Atlantis, Lakeside, Citrix, AppSense, Unidesk and IGEL examining how technology can be deployed to deliver the ultimate workspace experience for the modern worker. 

The London event opened with some new research looking at the most important workspace experience issues for users and IT teams.  It also revealed the real impact of user experience problems they encounter, and the difference in perception between IT departments and users when assessing the role of user experience.
Good performance and reliability sit at the top of the list for users when considering their workspace experience.  Business users also have high expectations that their desktop experience should deliver fast logon times.  But almost all (95%+) of IT and user respondents believe a good (or bad) user experience has a significant impact on their productivity.

This was mirrored by the most common complaints or helpdesk tickets raised about workspace experience – for many users performance is too slow, they can’t find the apps they need and interfaces are often unfamiliar and confusing.

 Users expect more

One of the key lessons to take from this is that users expect a far better experience from their desktop and specifically their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) than in years gone by.  Previously, VDI delivery was comparable to economy class travel; it was effective at delivering a service to as many people as possible, but the actual experience was less satisfying than many would have wanted.  This approach now clashes head-on with user expectations, whose lives are immersed in consumerised technology, and many of us simply expect our workspace experiences to be far better.
There is also a new generation of millennial users to consider, whose main experience of technology is via simple interfaces that deliver the functionality they want quickly and effectively.  As this group arrives in the workplace environment, the user experience they are presented with is often at complete odds with their own exposure to technology.
This presents a dual challenge for enterprises and the IT teams, who are now under pressure to deliver a much better user experience, but do it on time, on budget and securely.  Coupled with the exponential growth in data use, but without an accompanying increase in budgets and IT teams are now trying to deliver much more, often with less.
Delivering the Ultimate Workspace was all about tackling these issues head-on, and enabling delegates to understand their best options to meet these new expectations.  For further information, visit:


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