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August 26, 2016

Make Your Storage Infrastructure More Agile! Atlantis USX 3.5 is now available!

Patrick Brennan - Atlantis

There’s been some excitement around this release as we continue to simplify management, make deployment easier, and consume less resources to provide the performance, deduplication, and other data services that USX impressively delivers.  
Today, we are officially releasing USX 3.5 with features such as:
  • The introduction of the USX Plug-in Framework which allows administrators to create their own plug-ins for routine tasks and expands USX’s capabilities specific for any IT environment.
  • Maintenance mode automation for Simple In-Memory Volumes allows administrators to put hosts in maintenance mode using USX Manager and perform live migration.
  • Pre-Deployment Health Checks for easily verifying all required prerequisites prior to installation.  This informs administrators what may need to be resolved if a prerequisite has not been met and provides a smooth installation experience.
  • On-Demand SnapClone for administrators to take a SnapClone at any time, with an improved administrator experience as well for easier automated scheduling.
  • Pre-Upgrade Health Check which allows administrators to upgrade with confidence
  • Reduced resource consumption with USX volumes use 40% less server memory than before!  The amount of storage required for the performance tier for hybrid volumes has also been reduced by 95% as well!  Finally, SnapClone disks requirements have also been reduced by consuming 50% less space than previous versions.
AtlantisUSX_POS_BLACK.pngAnd many more!
For customers with a current Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) agreement as of August 26th, 2016 we encourage you to download USX 3.5 today!  If you are new to USX and are interested in learning more about how USX can increase the performance of your VDI or storage environments and take advantage of these features, please contact us for more information or attend our webinar “Adopt Windows 10 faster with a virtual workspace powered by USX 3.5
Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs discussing some of these new features in depth, and learn how you can take advantage of these exciting new capabilities.
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