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April 06, 2016

Notes from the Atlantis CTO Forum

Barry Coombs - Computer World

I recently attended the Atlantis CTO Forum that took place in London for some of Atlantis’s top partners in the UK. The event took place in the intimate location of the 8 Club in London, from the outside you wouldn’t expect any more than the rear entrance to one of the offices, however deep underground there are a number of lavish meeting rooms and bars.
outside.jpg   inside.jpg
The focus for the meeting was a technical and commercial update for the technical representatives from a handful of Atlantis partners in the UK. The afternoon covered a number of different aspects from common architectural and implementation pitfalls, tips and importantly for Atlantis, feedback from the field as to how their technology is used, sold and could be improved. We were also lucky enough to have a product roadmap update from Atlantis’s CTO Toby Coleridge. Due to NDA, we can’t discuss roadmap here but I am looking forward to seeing Atlantis flourish further and become a central part to more of my customer’s datacentres not only for EUC but also for much more.
As technology advances and converges I believe it is highly important for my customers to have a wide range of choice in technology that enables them to build the solutions to meet their business requirements. This also highlights that there are not "one size fits all" solutions to customer’s design needs and as a partner, we must be able to utilise the building blocks that are out our disposal to deliver solutions. I firmly believe that Atlantis is also embracing this ideal by delivering products that enable solutions to be built in a number of different ways -  from their hyperconverged platform, Atlantis HyperScale delivering an out of the box hardware and software solution, to Atlantis USX in-memory solution delivering in-memory storage for non-persistent VDI,  to Atlantis USX hybrid solutions allowing you to maximise an investment in existing storage solutions. Atlantis also allow customers to not only pick and choose these solutions to best meet their needs, but also allows these solutions to interact and replicate between sites irrespective of the solution at each site. For example, you could install the baby hyperconverged platform, the Atlantis HyperScale CX4, at your branch office and replicate to a software-defined Atlantis USX Hybrid solution at your head office.

“By 2020, IT departments will need 10x the servers, 50x the data, 75x the file;
all with less than 1.5x the people.”

Whilst at the event I created a doodle of the topics discovered, these doodles act as a way for me to capture all the information at live events such as this for my future reference so please excuse any spelling mistakes or errors. 

The Doodle


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