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April 03, 2014

XenDesktop at the speed of RAM: Citrix Synergy Learning Lab (SYN613)

Jeff Keyes - Atlantis


Have you heard? This is the year of VDI. Yes, If you’re like me, and work in the virtual desktop infrastructure industry, you have heard and/or uttered these words just about every year since 2008 or even earlier. This time I really mean it and here’s why. For years, VDI implementations have been plagued with 2 main challenges,

  1. Costs and Complexity of storage and networking infrastructure – too expensive and complex if designed properly
  2. Delivering a User Experience that is equal or better-than-PC – users are not happy when their experience is not an upgrade to what they are used to

Come join us in this technical session with Atlantis Computing, (SYN613: Deploy and benchmark XenDesktop at the speed of memory with Atlantis ILIO) and learn how to deliver virtual desktop performance that is faster than a MacBook Air using server RAM as storage. We will cover the initial install and configuration of ILIO on XenServer, how to address storage bottlenecks, high performance benchmarking techniques and show you how to complete a full Proof of Concept (POC) lab test in hours. Key takeaways from the class include learning how to:

  • Installation and initial configuration of ILIO on XenServer
  • Create a Windows desktop VM on the new ILIO Storage Repository
  • Run hands-on benchmarking tests with Iometer, PassMark, and HD Tune

Rick Huynh – Sr. Director, Technical Enablement Follow us: @AtlantisILIO

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