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September 10, 2015

CTO’s Top 10 August 2015

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis


With an overwhelming amount of news sources, social media streams, whitepapers it can be a true information avalanche. Reading, sharing and where possible use the information in my business and private life is a 2nd nature for Ruben. Every month he will share his Top10 overview of articles worth reading, hopefully it’s useful and fun to read.

This is my list:

  1. Inspirational: A great and short blog post about 7 Phrases You Will Never Hear a Great Leader Say. I am blessed with a great leader, CEO and Atlantis founder who gives me freedom to work, guidance when needed and share his vision and lessons he learned. I am convinced that with this leader and the leadership team we can win battle by battle in this great Software Defined, Hyper Converged and AnyCloud war. I haven’t worked for Larry Page, but enjoyed reading 20 Things I've Learned From Larry Page. And finally I want to share a great blog by Richard Branson “Work Hard, Play Hard: The Virgin Way.” Hopefully you find inspiration in one of these blogposts, if needed step out of your comfort zone, be bold, Take risks. Always learn – Ruben.

  2. Storage: Pooling and abstracting storage, IO acceleration, VVOL, Data mobility, DRBC, restAPI and more. These are Seven Ways to Optimize Your Storage written by Bill Kleyman VP strategy at MTM Technologies. Disrupting the Disruptors …. A great blog post by Timm Hoyt about challenge the status quo, swimming in deep blue waters and disrupt Notanix and Simplivity.

  3. Atlantis: We announced USX 3.0 and an update on HyperScale. We added SmartSnap, de-duplication aware snapshots on both VM and Volume level, unique in the industry. We added remote replication and full VMware VVOL support, also unique in the SDS and HCI industry. Do you want to learn more? read the official press release, a community blog post by Viktor van den Berg, the community blog post by Dane Young or Marco Broeken. Colleague Priyadarshi Prasad (PD) did a great video interview with Trilogy Tech Talk covering “What’s new with USX v3.0 and his blog post Atlantis USX SmartSnap – Snapshots for the agile IT infrastructure” is also worth reading.

  4. VMware: The complete 30 minute session from VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger at VMworld 2015 is worth watching. I have deep respect for Pat Gelsinger and his view on being a Christian, father, and business man while being very active in this high demanding and awesome IT industry as thought leader. Business Insider wrote a great blogpost about him, worth reading it gives great insights. I am learning every day, this blog post is inspiring.

  5. Solid-state Storage: Everything Intel announced at its 2015 Developer Forum, colleague PD has captured the announcements and wrote a blog post what Intel 3D Xpoint means for Software Defined Storage. Chuck Brown (Intel) video interview talking about the new technology from Intel that is changing the way memory and storage are handled

  6. Cloud Computing: Insights in Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's genius plan to swap one monopoly for another, hint it’s about Cloud computing and services. With this in mind it’s also good to read With Cloud Computing, Managing Expectations Is Everything.

  7. Industry blogs: Do you want to know more about Sprawl, Efficiency, Performance, Cost, Data protection and efficiency with virtualization and storage? Just read the nice blog post from Chris Evans; Virtualization and storage: Five ways to do it better. Increasingly more and more customers want to know more about Software Defined Storage, Hyper Converged Infrastructure and the role of Flash in the Modern Datacenter. This Bloomberg blog post makes it clear: Flash-Based Data Storage is Growing Faster Than Anticipated.

  8. Security: If you have read earlier versions of ‘CTO Top10’ it isn’t a surprise I believe in a different view on end-point security, micro segmentation and network virtualization, as part of Workspace 2020. A great blog post Anatomy of an attack: Poisoning the watering hole is worth reading. Also the Psychology Of Insecurity by Bromium CTO – Simon Crosby is worth reading.

  9. Analyst: Gartner's 2015 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Identifies the Computing Innovations That Organizations Should Monitor according to Gartner and finally flipping to digital leadership Gartner executive programs Insights from the 2015 Gartner CIO Agenda Report (PDF):

  10. WhatMatrix: Finding unbiased and independent information about VDI, Virtualization, GPU solutions, Backup solutions and more in the future isn’t easy. A new community initiative is launch called ‘WhatMatrix’ find great and unique insights at

Want to participate with this awesome group of industry experts? Just let me know!

It’s a CTO Top10, but there is so much awesome and valuable content to share…I have added three extra topics :D

  1. Formula 1 – A Formula-1 car produces 150GB of data from 200 sensors and 1,000 streams of data. 11 Ways to Build a High Performance IT Organization:

  2. Softskills: Building your own personal brand and corporate brand, share your knowledge with customers/peers and be active on media isn’t a marketing phrase. It’s today’s reality for a lot professionals in the industry. Building and Delivering Killer Presentations (video) and 10 Presentation Tricks to Keep Your Audience Awake is definitely worth the time to give your skills a boost or sharpen the skills you already have.

  3. Citrix: Citrix announced a new platform for innovation, Citrix Workspace Cloud (CWC), Citrix Lifecycle Management and a video interview with with Joe Vaccaro – Product Manager Citrix about CWC and Citrix Lifecycle Management.

I always like to receive personal insights from inspiring people such as, Christian Reilly: Citrix CTO. DJ. Cricketer. Well written, well done, great guy.

Fun, off topic:

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