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September 28, 2014

Unleash the power of VSAN, VVOLs, VASA with the Best of VMworld in Storage 2014

Andrew Wood - Atlantis


Unleash the power of VSAN, VVOLs, VASA for every workload including Tier-1 applications with better performance than proprietary All-Flash and Hybrid Storage Arrays using Atlantis USX. Robust data services such as in-line deduplication, compression, data management, extensive protocols and the ability to Teleport VMs between datacenters and public could – all integrated seamlessly with VSAN, VVOLs and VASA are all features of USX. Additionally, this solution has the ability to pool VSAN with any shared storage array or even cloud storage using VVOL technology to allow all storage including VSAN to be managed from within vSphere as VVOLs.

See some of the advantages of joining the VMware User Group by catching the VMUG webinar on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 12:00 PM CT (GMT – 5:00). We will show how to implement a production grade storage infrastructure for Tier-1 applications using Atlantis USX to build a software-defined storage system using VSAN and VVOLs with better performance than an All-Flash Array at a fraction of the cost.

Join Chetan Venkatesh, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Atlantis, during this informative webinar to learn how Atlantis USX 2.0, winner of the Best of VMworld in Storage 2014, is revolutionizing the storage industry. Learn how to boost the effective capacity of your existing storage and transition to lower cost direct-attached and cloud storage.

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