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November 11, 2015

Atlantis as a founding partner in ProjectVRC.Team

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis


At Atlantis, we have been completely focused on driving the cost of storage performance to zero and thus enabling all-flash performance for any application.  When it comes to VDI, I believe more careers have been lost to storage performance (which is understandable as storage costs are typically 60% or greater of the overall project costs).  It is no wonder that Atlantis ILIO was so groundbreaking by completely solving that problem.
What amazes me even more is the marketing FUD and wild claims related to desktop virtualization and the software-defined data center.  You can't do a search on "Software-Defined" on any vendor's website without seeing all of the reasons whythey think they are the long as you share the same definition on "Software-Defined" as they do.

The Value of Independent Testing

It is time to stop the marketing noise.  We want to simply "throw down the gauntlet."  Let's get independent testing and validation of the solutions that are working in the real world for virtualization related projects. If you want to see what others are doing, here's your chance to learn as well as be heard.  We'd invite others to join this independent group as well.

Jeroen and I started ‘Project Virtual Reality Check’ early 2009 and now has 1000s of tests that have been executed. The goal of is to find new and validate best practices, make unbiased comparisons and perform independent market research. With this information, you will be able to make better informed choices and save time, costs and frustration. You will find independent and unbiased research with a focus on desktop virtualization, data center, storage and cloud technologies. Expect to find white papers and blogs with technical deep dives, best practice analysis, product comparisons and community surveys. 

Check out ProjectVRC Upcoming Webinar

The first publication from TeamVRC is a brand new and somewhat controversial white paper about the performance of Windows 10 in VDI described in this blog. The founding partners of TeamVRC, Atlantis ComputingLogin VSI and PQR have organized an exclusive webinar on Wednesday November 18. During this webinar Jeroen and I will present performance test results and best practices about Windows 10 in VDI.
In case you are considering an upgrade to Windows 10 in your environment, we strongly encourage you to join this webinar, or watch the recording of this webinar. The information that we will share with you can help you with a successful Windows 10 implementation.

Ruben Spruijt – CTO – Atlantis Computing

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