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November 18, 2014

A Partnership for Performance – SanDisk and Atlantis Computing

Seth Knox - Atlantis


In this world of self-empowerment, I still believe it takes a team to succeed. It takes a team to achieve success, whether it be the Denver Broncos of American football featuring the awesome quarterback Peyton Manning, or at my job at SanDisk. In light of this, I’m having a joint discussion on this blog with a SanDisk partner (I like to refer to him as our extended team member), Seth Knox, VP of Products at Atlantis Computing.

Together, our two companies — along with the Lenovo System x server team — have partnered to put together a very innovative Software-Defined Storage for virtualizing environments for both servers and desktops, the Atlantis USX 2.0. We have shown this solution at VMworld in the US and at VMworld in Barcelona– and we have received a lot of interest and enthusiasm. This Atlantis solution was honored with the Best of VMworld 2014 Gold Award in the Storage & Backup Category.

Today we are showing this at the SanDisk booth at SC14 (Super Computing 2014). The theme of SC14 is HPC Matters, #hpcmatters. I would add “to everyone” and I believe that making these solutions available to a much broader, and many times more cost sensitive, audience is critical to broader adoption of this type of technology. The Atlantis/SanDisk/Lenovo USX 2.0 solution shown this week at SC14 is an excellent example how to broaden the availability of these solutions by using non-custom hardware and innovative software. This is also a great example of teamwork and partnership. Customers adopting this solution will enjoy the benefits of Atlantis’s software expertise, Lenovo’s System x server proficiency and SanDisk’s NAND flash and storage excellence.

I will let Seth jump now to talk more about it!

Seth: Atlantis is very excited about SanDisk and Atlantis Computing partnering on Software-Defined Storage solutions for VMs. We see customers looking to reduce their total cost ownership and improve the return on the investments they make. We believe the business value of software-defined storage (SDS) gives customers a better way to both manage data across their datacenter and enable delivery of more storage capacity and performance at a lower cost.

Rob: I agree with Seth on this. From the C-level side, the technical details of SDS may not be as interesting as the Capex and Opex savings. But the business cost reductions and performance improvements this solution can provide will directly benefit their company’s profitability and allow their customers to be more efficient. It also can provide improved business agility by allowing IT to adapt the storage to the user’s needs — and not the other way around.

Seth: One of the ways the Atlantis USX solution does this is to combine SanDisk’s ULLtraDIMM SSD with our HyperDup content-aware data services, the enterprise ready Lenovo System x3650 servers and the Atlantis USX™ software-defined storage software. With this joint solution, enterprises will be able to increase their available storage capacity by a factor of up to 10 times. This allows customers to create a hyper-converged storage with SanDisk ULLtraDIMMs, SSDs, and PCIe flash installed in their servers: this combination outperforms all-flash arrays, saving on Capex and Opex costs. There is a great new white paper and StorageSwitzerland video that talks in detail about this solution that can be found on our website as well as SanDisk’s.


All-Flash Hyper-Converged Whiteboard video with George Crump of Storage Switzerland and Seth Knox of Atlantis Computing

Rob: That is a great point. The SanDisk-powered Atlantis solutions provide an ultra-low latency storage solution that is built around Atlantis USX software and SanDisk’s ULLtraDIMM SSDs. These SSDs sit in Server memory slots attached to the memory bus to provide both a faster response and much higher throughput than traditional NAS or SAN solutions. This combination offers multiple benefits: Lower cost storage capacity; higher performance and the scalability that is needed for computing environments running server virtualization, desktop virtualization and even database workloads.

Seth: Atlantis and SanDisk have been working on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to enhance the performance of VDI applications, allowing them to deliver business applications to end-users in a timely, consistent and secure manner. For these reasons, the SanDisk/Atlantis solution improves the end-users’ on-screen experience, increasing employee productivity — and bringing business value to the entire organization.


Rob: Seth – that was a great explanation !! SanDisk is very excited to showcase this technology at the Supercomputing 2014 (SC14) conference in New Orleans this week. We welcome readers to come by the booth (#1147) to personally meet Seth and I — and to see the innovative Atlantis USX 2.0 solution. Seth and team would be happy to share their insights about how enterprises will be able to increase available storage capacity by a factor of 10, compared with other storage solutions. At the same time, they will be able to leverage SanDisk flash to create enterprise-class hyper-converged systems– , and to deliver performance equivalent to that of all-flash arrays at a fraction of the capital investment costs.

Check out the joint solution whitepaper

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