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May 25, 2016

Announcing The First Fully Managed Virtual Desktop For ANY User

Max Gill - 

We are delighted to finally reveal a major milestone with the announcement at Citrix Synergy of the Fujitsu VCS HyperScale appliance as part of Fujitsu’s growing VCS portfolio.  This new offering is a powerful collaborative effort between Fujitsu’s Server Group, Citrix, Atlantis Computing and Fujitsu Services.
Atlantis Computing has worked closely with Fujitsu and Citrix for over 4 years on the delivery of high fidelity, high performance virtual desktops and applications to a number of large enterprise customers with deployments exceeding 25,000 end users.  This relationship from all three partners has paved the way in developing this new technological advancement to dramatically extend the applicability of VCS to a new section of end users.
The launch of the VCS HyperScale appliance allows Fujitsu to provide the benefits of virtual desktops in a cost effective way to SME users, while also providing a modular building block approach to allow turnkey scalability for larger enterprise deployments.
The solution launched provides the following:
  • Ultimate performance and user experience for virtual desktops and applications
  • Easier scalability with linear and predictable performance
  • Reduced complexity through simplified infrastructure, easier deployment, and standardized management– no need for SAN/NAS or dedicated storage networking
  • Cost effective virtual desktops with a starting price less than a physical PC.  
  • Less time to benefit through the automation of deployment
All wrapped by the existing comprehensive VCS Service which has been developed and proven by Fujitsu across an extensive number of large customers.
Fujitsu is the first major system integrator to bring to market a fully integrated hyperconverged solution designed to deliver virtual desktops at a price point and with performance that is better than a physical PC.
The choice of Atlantis Computing’s technology by Fujitsu in this strategic offering is further validation that Atlantis USX and HyperScale are quickly becoming the de facto gold standard for the delivery of both Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp.
Atlantis Computing is already bringing the VCS Appliance to a large number of existing Fujitsu customers and prospects – demonstrating the performance benefits and cost reductions made possible by the adoption of hyperconvergence with Atlantis.
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