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March 16, 2016

CTO's Top 10 - March 2016

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis

I'm excited each month to write this blog post and I truly hope the content is valuable for you. The overwhelming amount of news sources, social media streams, blogs and whitepapers can be overwhelming. I read, share, and where possible, apply the information in my private life and business life as CTO of Atlantis Computing.  Every month I will share my Top10 overview of articles I think are worth reading.  

This is my list:
  1. Vision: It’s truly great to be in the IT industry. Look around and see what all new developments mean for you, family, friends, business and societies. On a weekly basis, I share my view on Workspace 2020 and Datacenter 2020 with customers.  I’ll write a couple of blog posts soon here as well. I like these two awesome blog posts ‘what’s next in computing’ and future systems: what will tomorrow’s server look like?
  2. Workspace: February was a month packed with tons of new product announcements such as ‘VMware announces Horizon Air Hybrid Mode, Horizon 7, and AppVolumes 3.0.  Also, AMD reveals world 1st hardware virtualized GPU which I've now included in my R&D Lab. My colleague Patrick Brennan published an awesome Atlantis and Citrix XenApp reference architecture while Citrix updated their Visio stencils. Further, I wrote a very well received blog post: Hyperconverged in the VDI and Virtual Workspace space and take a look at my call to action for all Desktop Virtualization enthusiasts: share your knowledge and be part of something great, something big. Seriously something special you don’t want to miss!
  3. Data center: Wow! When I look at all the developments in Data center and AnyCloud, I'm really excited to be part of this industry as there is never a dull moment. Creating valuable solutions for our customers is the key driver for Atlantis. From a technology perspective, magic happens by combining Software Defined Storage, Hyper converged Infrastructure and solid state (all flash) technologies. Make the data center simpler, more cost effective, and bring high performance storage to all applications for a fraction of the cost of legacy 3-tier storage solutions. “Make the data center a programmable data center” is what I believe and I see customer benefits in the real-world.
    My colleague Priyadarshi created a blog post, ‘Hyperconvergence: Taking your first step.’ Another great post covers the principles of an agile data center. He is thinking big, starting small and moving fast.
    I like one of the customer quotes: ‘A vendor who hasn’t built their platform on REST API won’t be part of our modern (programmable) data center’.
    Customers are transforming their data center.  I see and hear this happening on a daily basis. Read this great blog post about data center transformation and what it means for you. What does this transformation means for you, your business and your customers? Please share with me as I'm happy to learn from you.
  4. Just DoIT: Citrix, Microsoft and VMware rewarded me again as a Citrix Technology Professional, Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert. Together with six other worldwide community friends, I am part of a small group of people who achieved the combination of awards as a recognition of my activities and knowledge sharing. I am truly privileged to be with Atlantis who gives me the freedom to continue to lead and support community activities.  Most of all, I am blessed with a great wife, supporting me.
  5. Great place to work @Atlantis: Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to. – Richard Branson” Although I don’t know Richard Branson personally, I know for sure he is a passionate industry leader a personality I admire.  There are only a few of his kind. People with passion will provide profit for businesses - and I love IT.   These are five signs you’re working for a great company.   Another great blog post sharing the nine ways the workspace will be different in 2050.
  6. Soft Skills: Being busy doesn’t mean being productive. I agree with that. I like the focus to Get Stuff Done (GSD). I find it helpful to have proper planning, priority lists and disabled notifications in my hectic life. Striking the right balance between business and personal life is my biggest challenge. What is yours?
    I like this blog post ‘be yourself not somebody else.’ (Note to self: unless you are Batman, don't be batman!). There is always something new to learn or to improve on the skills you have already developed.  Check out 7 Habits of the best public speakers.
  7. Technology: I love playing around with technology, reading and talking about new stuff.  Here's a great blog posts (and video) ‘Face Tracking is art, an amazing experience by Intel’. Another great post is VR will make life better, right?!  Finally, the history of wearable technology - past, present and future.
  8. Storage: De-duplication is a core data service and is part of our complete stack of data services.
    In-line, in-memory de-duplication at 4KB block size is unique in the SDS and HCI industry. It’s one of the key data services pillars in building a modern data center that increases performance and storage capacity while lowering cost. One of the Gartner’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure evaluation criteria is this data service. Understanding the impact of e.g. block size, in-line vs post-process is important for Desktop Virtualization and Datacenter workloads. The blog post block sizes in a virtual environment is a good read. What is the Solid State reliability in the real world?  Google’s experience gives insights into the usage and reliability of SSD. One conclusion is that the age of the SSD and not usage - affects its reliability. 
  9. Security: Micro-virtualization an RSAC state of the union is a great blog post from Simon Crosby, CTO at Bromium. This is a great read if you are interested in security and workspace. Check out the insight in Security considerations for clouds and cloud services and the reality of cloud today from Kurt Roemer and Christian Reilly, Citrix CTO.
  10. Handy tools: Most of my presentations contain a lot of pictures.  I find these on free platforms and then buy them from stock photo websites. Powerful Tools for Online Photo Editing is an overview of handy tools for you and me. I use Canva quite often. Which one do you use?
  11. My favorite quote for this month: “We like competition. But we are actually more motivated by our own potential, where we think we can be!.” What is your favorite quote?

    If this information was valuable for you, please share or like the blog post so others can benefit as well. When you have questions, feedback, suggestions please let me know at and thanks for following me on twitter @rspruijt

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