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June 28, 2016

CTO's Top 10 - June 2016

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis

Welcome to my monthly newsletter of trends & observations about Enterprise Technology. I truly hope you find the content valuable and entertaining. There is an overwhelming amount of news sources, social media streams, blogs and whitepapers. This monthly posting will give you great insights and looks to provide you with the news highlights. If you have great articles for me to read, please share them so I can potentially use them next month.
  1. Workspace:  Citrix and Atlantis have good partnership. At Citrix Synergy, we took home two  ‘Best of Synergy’ awards - one of Software Defined Storage (USX) and one for Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HyperScale). We were featured in three different booths, had three major announcements, and were included in the day two Citrix keynote. We also announced a strategic partnership with Citrix to help alleviate a lot of the pain points customers have that is has previously prevented the adoption of desktop and application virtualization – complexity, cost, and poor user experience. Citrix Synergy was a blast.  Here's all of the announcements and news in one overview and one thing is clear: There are deep and strong connections between Citrix and Atlantis and more will come for sure! Also, here's a great blogpost to read about the impact of Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp/XenServer, Intel, HPE and Atlantis.
  2. SoftSkills: The fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias today. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, a whopping 74% of people suffer from speech anxiety. As most people know, when we're nervous or anxious, our minds and bodies tend to do weird things that we can't always control. 13 public-speaking mistakes you should avoid at all costs. 7 Habits Of The Best Public Speakers.
  3. VDI: 5 questions to ask your VDI vendor, whether you’re a mid-sized enterprise that’s work-from-home-friendly or a large corporation based largely on remote workers, there will come a time when you’ll want to consider how to optimize your workspace technology for the way your employees work.
    Clow08WWkAADSSV.jpgThe first  ‘Ultimate Desktop Virtualization Best Practices guide’ is available for FREE. With 242 Desktop Virtualization and Application remoting best practices created by 35 community peers, fellow CTPs, MVPs and vExperts in 14 different categories this document is unique in this industry and a must read.
    If you are leading a Citrix, VMware or Virtualization user group and want to give away some hardcopies, I have books available for giveaways. Just send me an email with your contact details and we will make it happen.
    Finally, a great whitepaper ‘Windows 10 IOPS for VDI’ written by my colleagues Jim Moyle (CTP) and Hugo Phan (dual VCDX). Happy reading!
  4. Hyperconverged is more than an architecture: it's a way of life. It is much more than a buzzword, it's the future of the datacenter and modern virtual workspace. Great insights from Chris Wolf, VMware about Hyperconvergence. Gartner’s Paul deLory hosted a webinar ‘Evaluation Criteria for Hyperconverged Integrated System Appliances.’ Also worth the time to watch the replay of the webinar and download the presentation. It’s great to see Atlantis being featured in more and more Gartner documents.
  5. Atlantis ACE: we launched the Atlantis Community Program (ACE) with 28 awesome community peers. What an awesome achievement and what a great group of smart and enthusiastic people. Do you want to know who these ACEs are? Want to know what the program is or maybe apply to become an ACE? Read the blogs posts or just send me an email.
  6. Workspace 2020: A (Virtual) Reality. What will the workspace look like in 2020? Disruptive technology is changing everything – and changing it quickly. What new technology demands will the IT team see in the next few years – or even the next few months? Here's an awesome blog post on about Workspace 2020, a high rated session Jeroen van de Kamp and I, presented at Citrix Synergy. The full recording of the session from Citrix Synergy is available. If you do want to know more about Workspace 2020 and Atlantis role in this awesome workspace, I am happy to talk to you.
  7. body-parts-3d-printed.jpg3D Printing: More Than Just a New Way of Making Things, we’re already seeing glimpses of the potential of 3D printing. Automobiles and airplanes are using 3D-printed parts that are stronger and lighter than anything made by conventional manufacturing. Disabled children and injured animals are walking on 3D-printed custom prosthetics. Astronauts on the International Space Station can print tools based on digital designs emailed from Earth. And increasingly, medical engineers aim to transform lives by printing replacement body parts using 3D printers and living cells. Heres' a great blog post with awesome insights by Shane Wall, CTO and Director of HP Labs. Also body parts and rocket engines: The Sci-Fi case for 3D printing. "We want our machines to make anything" by 2018.
  8. uploads-2F2016-2F6-2F8-2Fcarrier_thumb1.jpgInspiration: Why Constant Learners All Embrace the 5-Hour Rule - read the blog post and find out. Also truly an inspirational speech and best advice from a US Navy Seal commander to Grads at commencement. Awesome personal and business lessons in this 20 minutes video. Teamwork, life in the danger zone, what its really like to live and work on an aircraft carrier?
  9. Microsoft and LinkedIn: The acquisition of the 2016 is most likely between Microsoft and LinkedIn. Some interesting views on this announcement such as Microsoft's massive LinkedIn acquisition in 6 Metrics but also Microsoft CEO memo to his colleagues. 
  10. Future: An interesting perspective on Electric Vehicle, disruption of energy and transportation, the Electric Vehicle Disruption and the end of oil by 2030. I know what my next car is … do you?
  Extra: Just because I can. Do you think Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is awesome? Watch this video about Hyper Reality. I truly love to see the impact R&D and technology has for society, where people with a disability are able to work, play, life. This awesome video is close to my heart.  
I just ran a 10km course with 40 obstacles calles ‘MudMasters’ on a sandy beach in the Netherlands and as i was looking for a new adventure. I am not so sure if this (1stwireless bungee jump is a good idea also the same applies for the fastest wingsuit as well. All great sports but not for me, well for now. Maybe I’ll stick with the idea to do a few days of bush craft with Bear Grylls or couple of weeks on ‘The Island’ in the future. And finally my favorite quote for this month: “First never follows!”

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