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June 08, 2016

Atlantis at Citrix Synergy 2016 - Nailed It!

Patrick Brennan - Atlantis

What a week Atlantis Computing had at Citrix Synergy!  To sum up everything, Atlantis took home TWO Best of Synergy awards, was featured in 3 different booths, had 3 major announcements, and was included in the day two keynote.  Now let’s break this down and discuss what happened.

Best of Synergy - Twice!

synergy01.jpg One of the most exciting things was seeing the software-defined storage solution Atlantis USX win the Best of Synergy award for “Desktop Application Delivery” for its ability to pool existing storage and immediately add additional performance and capacity for desktop and application virtualization.  Also, the hyperconverged appliance Atlantis HyperScale won the Best of Synergy award for “Desktop and Application Delivery, Storage, Networking, and Infrastructure” category for its ability to provide great performance and capacity while supporting a significant number of desktops at very low cost.  One thing to note is that these awards were evaluated and judged by, so they were independent and had nothing to do with the opinion of Citrix.  The point is that the industry is definitely seeing the huge value Atlantis is bringing to desktop and application virtualization solutions.

Deep Ties with Citrix & Fujitsu

Atlantis also announced a strategic partnership with Citrix to help alleviate a lot of the pain points customers have that is has previously prevented the adoption of desktop and application virtualization – complexity, cost, and poor user experience.  With Atlantis HyperScale, customers can simply deploy this turnkey appliance with a few steps to have desktops up in running with XenDesktop in less than an hour.  With the performance that Atlantis HyperScale provides, users receive a better user experience on virtual desktops that are faster than a PC.  This appliance coupled with XenDesktop was mentioned by Bill Burley during the second day keynote talking about how you can implement this solution using XenServer to deliver a high performance and low cost option for desktop and application virtualization.
Speaking of HyperScale, Fujitsu also announced a Virtual Client Services (VCS) HyperScale appliance bringing in Atlantis as part of their VCS portfolio offering.  You can find out more from my colleague Max Gill’s blog, but the appliance allows customers to take advantage of a more agile and lower cost solution while receiving all of the benefits of a service that is managed and historically proven for the enterprise by Fujitsu.

Atlantis Rocks Desktop Virtualization

CitrixVDICapacity.pngAtlantis and Citrix also released the results from participating in the Citrix VDI Capacity Program.  This program allowed storage vendors to demonstrate a shared storage solution’s performance for VDI workloads.  Atlantis partnered with Intel to deliver the fastest performing storage solution, and you can download your own copy of the results.  With only a few servers and SSDs from Intel, Atlantis USX was able to deliver a complete storage solution for 1500 users again providing a highly scalable solution that provides a great user experience with very low cost.

Finally, the Ultimate Desktop Virtualization Best Practice Guide was released coupled with book signings from the contributors as well as the original author and Atlantis colleague Rubin Spruijt.  If you haven’t had a chance to download the free guide yet, I would encourage you to download your own free copy.  This was a collaborative effort from the community of experts with over 200 best practices and by more than 30 contributors. 

Overall the energy and feedback from customers and partners was fantastic.  Atlantis was featured in many areas throughout the expo hall with partners demonstrating our exciting capabilities together with customers coming away feeling amazed by what we can do.  

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