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July 16, 2015

HyperScale Networking

Jeff Keyes - Atlantis

Atlantis HyperScale is an easy to consume All-In-One Hyperconverged infrastructure solution. The creation of HyperScale was to give customers and partners a virtual infrastructure with extremely quick time-to-value hyperconverged solution. During the development of HyperScale the Atlantis Computing Engineering and Product teams have done extensive testing and QA on settings and best practices within HyperScale Hyperconverged infrastructure. Included in that is the HyperScale networking configuration.

HyperScale has been configured with 4 physical NICs, on each node, to allow for adequate network bandwidth as well as proper redundancy with your physical network. These NICs include 2x1GB NICs and 2x10GB NICs. VM traffic leverages the 1GB NICs and HyperScale Storage traffic leverages the 10GB NICs. The following description will be based on VMware ESXi deployment.

HyperScale configures vSwitch0 with 2x1GB NICs to support virtual machine and management traffic. vSwitch0 is configured with vmnic0 in active mode and vmnic1 in standby mode. This setup allows for the easiest integration into all of our customer environments. This also supplies adequate bandwidth for VMs and management traffic while also supplying proper redundancy on that vSwitch.

vSwitch0 is configured with a VMkernel Port labeled management_vmkthis is the VMkernel port used to manage that physical ESXi host. vSwitch0 is also configured with a virtual machine port group labeled "HyperScale_Mgmt". This port group is used to connect all virtual machines in the HyperScale infrastructure to the physical network. All HyperScale related VMs have a vNIC connected to this network to allow for access and management of those VMs. Also allows these VMs to communicate to each other.
HyperScale then configures vSwitch1 with 2x10GB NICs to support all storage related network traffic. vSwitch1 is also configured with an active/standby setup. This again allows for the easiest integration into our customers environments. At the same time providing adequate bandwidth and sufficient redundancy to vSwitch1.
vSwitch1 is configured with a VMkernel port labeled storage_vmk. This VMkernel port is used for vMotion and NFS traffic giving it access to the physical host. Next is the Virtual Machine Port Group labeled "HyperScale_Storage". This port group is used for all HyperScale volume related VMs storage related traffic. Each volume related VM will have a vNIC attached to it on this port group in addition to the "HyperScale_Mgmt" port group from vSwitch0. This provides each VMs NFS export access and a mount point to the hosts. This also provides communication between each Volume related VM to allow data to be written properly across each service VM.

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