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July 16, 2014

Positioning Atlantis for the Next Phase of Growth

Chetan Venkatesh - Atlantis


This week we publicly announced a record first half of bookings, customer acquisition, partner momentum, deepening alliances engagement and the appointment of Jason Donahue as our new CEO.

For many of my colleagues in the industry who have reached out to me since our announcement, that sentence has caused some cognitive dissonance – Atlantis is doing better than it ever has, the company has built on its expertise and reputation as the most scalable and powerful storage optimization software solution for desktop virtualization by a country mile, and is bringing faster than all flash performance to any existing storage, for less than half the cost of a traditional SAN, to support any virtualized workload in the datacenter with our new software defined storage platform, Atlantis USX.

So why on earth would we bring on a new CEO at this time?

At the end of 2013, Bernard and I along with the board  spent time discussing putting Atlantis on an IPO trajectory.  It was clear to all of us that getting Jason involved would help us get there faster because of his incredible track record in virtualization and storage.  Jason has previously built Acronis, Ejacent (acquired by Veritas/Symantec), Meiosys (acquired by IBM), ClearApp (acquired by Oracle)  & Vertex.  But even more than all his tremendous accomplishments, its Jason’s intense passion on unleashing the greatest disruption the storage industry has ever seen with Atlantis that just cemented it for all of  us.

There is tremendous respect and gratitude for what Bernard Harguindeguy did for Atlantis – he remains connected to the company as a board member and will help the board with strategy and planning. Bernard and I have been working side by side many years to build Atlantis from our first big win at customers like J.P Morgan Chase & Co through critical milestones of customer adoption (600+ enterprise customers, 25PB of Software Defined Storage in production, product maturation, geographic expansion, and operationalizing an early-stage start up through multiple up-rounds of venture funding.  I’m very grateful and full of respect for what we did together and all that that he generously taught me about building a great business.

With this CEO change, we are positioning Atlantis to become an incredibly disruptive player in primary enterprise storage. A player with the ability to completely upset the status quo in storage and in the process unleash incredible value and innovation for customers in the next 2-3 years.

Positioning Atlantis to be the next great disruptive storage player in the industry

Atlantis is enjoying record growth and strong market traction in all of the geographic markets we are operating in. Case in point was our 80% growth year over year growth thus far in 2014.  We are also in the midst of a transition from an important but ultimately niche VDI storage optimization player to becoming the most advanced and flexible software-defined storage vendor in storage.  This transition has opened up a market for us that is easily 30-50x larger than the VDI market alone.

Deepening Alliance with VMware

This announcement is in no way related to worrying about VMware or frankly any other player in the software-defined storage market. We continue to partner closely with VMware’s end user computing team, in addition to the Virtual San team, delivering the industry’s highest performance data services including inline de-duplication and compression to the VMware stack.

VMware is educating the market about software defined storage and alternatives to traditional SAN architectures. Atlantis USX can be deployed across shared storage, Server San, or as a hyper-converged implementation, and we view vSan as absolutely complementary to USX. In fact we have started to field requests from customers who have deployed vSan and have heard how we deliver a performance boost while supporting up to 5x the workload on vSan to drive down the cost. We expect the VMware partnership to continue to grow and flourish as we add significant value to both Horizon and Virtual San implementations.

Partnership with IBM Flash & System X Going Strong

Another key alliance partner that we continue to enjoy very positive traction with is IBM – both with the Flash Storage team, as well as the PureFlex team that will be part of the divestiture to Lenovo this Fall. If you are excited about hyper-convergence as an industry trend, I invite you to stop by our VMworld booth #1529, which is going to be a massive 20×30 foot space this year, to see exciting new software-defined storage, hyper-converged, and cloud products and tech previews with our partners.

Look for additional exciting announcements as we continue to build on our partnerships with Cisco UCS, Dell, HP, and NetApp.

The future has never looked brighter for Atlantis, we have momentum, a first-mover advantage with Atlantis USX, a motivated and growing number of stellar employees, and a new CEO who will be leading us into an exciting next phase of growth. We can’t wait to see you at VMworld and share many more exciting updates in person.

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement – this has been the ride of my life and I can’t wait to start the next chapter.

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