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February 26, 2016

Calling All VDI Experts - Share Your Knowledge

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis


Desktop Virtualization - Best Practices and Design Guide

 Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share your best practices and gain notoriety within the End User Computing industry! It’s time to be part of something extraordinary and meaningful by sharing your knowledge in Desktop Virtualization, VDI and SBC. 
I’m gathering a collection of best practices to compile into a guidebook and then share it with the world – and I’m gathering them from people like you.  We’ll put these best practices into a community sourced document.  This guidebook is tentatively titled as “Desktop Virtualization Best Practices and Design Guide.”
The desktop virtualization goal to “Make VDI faster and cheaper than a PC” won’t happen until customers, partners and IT-professionals transform and step outside of their comfort zone.  Moving away from legacy practices includes understanding the impact of GPU, Flash, Software-Defined Storage (SDS) and Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) appliances and other great developments that deliver an awesome user experience, simplify life for the Administrator and finally make VDI cheaper than a physical PC.
Share your Desktop Virtualization best practices with us.  Experienced individuals will have guidance on these topics and more :
  • Server Hardware: Ultimate configuration, best BIOS settings, tweaks
  • Hypervisor: Citrix, KVM, Microsoft, VMware optimizations, licensing hints
  • Connection Broker: Policy settings, upgrade best practices etc.
  • Remoting protocols: Notes from the field, use-cases, policies, codecs
  • Networking: WAN/LAN/4G sizing guidelines and best practices
  • Client and Server OS: Performance optimizations, licensing hints
  • GPU: Guidelines, notes from the field, tweaks, smart tools
  • Storage: Sizing guidelines, design principles, leverage flash, SDS, HCI
  • User Environment Management: User profiles, folder-redirection, policies, Printing, networking
  • Various: Multimedia redirection, Unified Communications best practices and design guidelines
  • Various: Layering, Application Virtualization, Antivirus and Microsoft Office best practices
  • Free 3rd party solutions: free solutions to make life easier.

How to Share

Just share what you already know in a ‘twitter style’ maximum 300-character format. Pictures or diagrams can be used and are even encouraged. If you want to share your favorite blogpost instead of the ‘twitter style’ tip, you can do so as well.  You can write a summary and then include the link.
Be part of a great movement and a part of this new initiative. We believe this community initiative will help you to expand your personal or company brand. The Top 5 contributors will be highlighted on the cover of the document.

What to Submit

Submit one or more best practices, by sending me (Ruben Spruijt) an email, Add your twitter handle and photo so this can be added to your best practice.  Submit your content before 31th of March. The targeted publishing date of the content is May 2016

The Result

This guide will be one awesome community sourced document available free of charge and for everyone. We may also create a hardcopy book or eBook. With more than 100 of the most important Desktop Virtualization best practices and key design guidelines this project is unique by itself. Be part of this great movement and a share your ideas with us.
Do you have any questions or feedback? Let us know.
Ruben Spruijt – CTO Atlantis Computing – 
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