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February 02, 2016

CTO’s Top 10 - February 2016

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis

Every month I enthusiastically write this blog post and I truly hope the content is valuable for you. The overwhelming amount of news sources, social media streams, blogs and whitepapers can be a true information avalanche. I read, share, and where possible apply, the information in my private life and business life as CTO of Atlantis Computing.  Every month I will share my Top10 overview of articles I think are worth reading.  
This is my list:
  1. JustDoIT:The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do” is a great quote from Steve Jobs recorded in his internal ‘Think Different’ meeting date Sept. 1997. A great video recording with tremendous lessons in marketing, products, presenting. The quote’s ‘JustDoIT’ and ‘Get Stuff Done #GSD’ is what I like and suits me well. When I merge these quotes with passion and vision, I realize that I get to help change the Workspace, Datacenter and AnyCloud industry, making it simpler, faster and cheaper using intelligent software.  Now you understand why I truly love to be CTO at Atlantis Computing!  
  2. Vision and Competition: "What is your perspective on the Modern Workspace and the Modern Data Center? " This is a question I receive quite often. If you are interested what can you expect from the modern workspace, I encourage you to read my blog post that is packed with tons of controversial topics and interesting conclusions. I'm working on a blog post with my view on the Modern Data Center and AnyCloud as well.  Stay tuned.
  3. Energy @ Atlantis: These past months have been truly awesome. As a team, we achieved a lot and got great feedback from our customers, partners and industry experts. We launched a new product Atlantis HyperScale CX4, a two node appliance targeted for Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) and Micro Data Centers. Atlantis and Dell teamed-up and we finished a great industry survey, released a book, ‘Building a Modern Data Center Principles and Strategies of Design.’ Are you confused about Software Defined Storage, Hyper Converged Infrastructure or just interested how the Modern Data Center looks like? Just download the ebook and start reading! Enjoy.
  4. Soft Skills: My work ethic is to be prepared, to be on-time and GSD. What is yours? I like this great blog post about ‘5 Minutes Early Is On Time; On Time Is Late; Late Is Unacceptable.’ Another useful soft skill is to be able to present, not only for large groups of people but also small groups. Start SMALL, think BIG, move FAST applies here as well. A good read is great Speakers Are Like Yoda, Not Luke Skywalker. Happy reading and presenting.  Next time, make sure you’re on-time. 
  5. Cloud Storage: Most of the organizations I speak to on a daily basis are using public cloud services typically as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Public Cloud Storage is occasionally being used for backup/archive scenarios, but 95%+ is being used as enterprise storage solutions. More and more customers and partners see the benefits of Software Defined Storage and Hyperconverged Infrastructure solutions.  Awesome! Storing data in object based public storage platforms such as Amazon S3 can be relative cheap but suffers from problems such as the (get/put) transaction itself can be very expensive depending on cache hit, the latency is high and a restore can be very time consuming. Remember to look at the bigger picture and understand the details as this guy found as well  ‘How I ended up paying $150 for a single 60GB download from Amazon Glacier.’ Do you want to know more what Atlantis can do with public cloud storage now and in the future? Let me know as I am happy to share my insights.
  6. Happiness: When are you happy? How do you persuade happiness? Watch a great ‘TEDx  talk based on results from the longest study on happiness. Also, here's 10 simple things backed by science you can do today that will make you happier.  When it comes to success, it’s easy to think that people blessed with brains are inevitably going to leave the rest of us in the dust. But there is new research from Stanford University that will change your mind (and your attitude). Why Attitude Is More Important Than IQ:
  7. Data Center: 5 Ways changing technology expectations are changing the share of the Enterprise Data Center and three ways Atlantis HyperScale transforms remote and micro data center experience. Continue reading: do you want to know more about the adoption of Software Defined Storage and Hyper Converged Infrastructure? This blog post gives industry insights received from more than 1200 people and is a great read.
  8. Competition: Key SDS and HCIS Data Services and the different vendors content from Gartner Data Center conference in one picture. There is competition on different levels, “I like competition. But I am actually more motivated by our own potential, where we think we can be and what this means for our customers.” Nike (JustDoIT) CEO Mark Parker and Serena Williams share their view on competition, nice insights from two rock stars.
  9. Travel: The 6 best shots I got in 15,500 miles of traveling New Zealand. I wish this blog post, the photos and the experience was mine but it isn’t (yet). I love to travel and New Zealand is on my list to visit somewhere in the future. First things first, I want to travel to East Canada with my family somewhere in the summertime. Talking about traveling, what about 27 travel hacks that even frequent fliers don't know. I learned some tricks here.
  10. Storage: There is a great movement towards Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Software-Defined Storage and public cloud (IaaS). These are the reasons (study) why storage companies such as NetApp, HPE and IBM storage are having a hard time. If you want to understand the role of Flash Storage in Enterprise IT, read this article from Bill Kleyman. Gartner sees enterprise SSD-HDD revenue crossover in 2017. Stop thinking about the impossibilities and try and find out what the possibilities really are.
  11. Inspire: There is one thing that changes everything. When you have it, you can move forward quickly, confidently, and positively. When you don’t have it, your enterprise, organization, or endeavor is hindered and even paralyzed. The Speed of Trust. I believe in a culture of trust, freedom and accountability where you and I can work together as a team - with fun, pride and energy supporting our colleagues, partners and customers. Business Insider interviewed 16 awesome personalities.
Bonus: The guy (or gal) who designed this building must be a Networking Architect and finally Art and Drones: I love this one and I am convinced you will too. Intel and Ars Electronica FutureLab explain how they developed Drone 100, a 3D masterpiece of art and airborne technology.
My favorite quote: “Do what you love, be humble, never stop learning, get stuff done and celebrate the successes in Life.”

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