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July 31, 2015

CTO’s Top10 July 2015

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis

With an overwhelming amount of news sources, social media streams, whitepapers it can be a true information avalanche. Reading, sharing and where possible use the information in my business and private life is a 2nd nature for Ruben. Every month he will share his Top10 overview of articles worth reading, hopefully it’s useful and fun to read.
This is my list:
  1. Windows10: Let’s start with an interesting interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella about Microsoft’s mobile ambitions, HoloLens, Windows 10 and more. Which such a big release of Windows this CTO overview contains various articles about Windows10.
    An blog post such as: I like Windows 10, and here’s why and 10 questions, 10 answers for Windows 10: and a blog by a community friend of mine Shawn Bass from: How VMware EUC Solutions Can Help With Windows 10 Desktop Migrations
  2. ​Solid State: Intel and Micron announced Nonvolatile solid state technology that is closer to DRAM in its speed, 1000 times better than today’s flash technology. Please read some great blog posts from BBC, the register and Wikibon. Based on Wikibon blog the production shipment is until 2017/2018. I see a great future ahead with Software Defined Storage Solutions (SDS) and local flash and solid state. Maximize performance by bringing storage and compute together, create a scale-out platform with commodity hardware, freedom of choice, fraction of cost compared to classic storage or all-flash arrays and add enterprise data services to local storage for the modern datacenter and AnyCloud. As the awesome yoda once said: “The future of storage I have seen, and software and solid state it is.”
  3. Cloud Computing: “Storage will slowly and somewhat quietly move to the cloud over time. Software defined infrastructure will mean data will go where it's most efficient. Sure some storage will reside in your own data center, but a lot of it will go cloud” read the full blog from ZDnet with interesting survey results here. Another good read from the register is: Private cloud is NOT dead – and for one good reason: Control of data.
  4. Inspire: What makes a great Enterprise company CTO? Andy Brown wrote down the 7 key capabilities that make a great CTO. I like this list because it gives me a perspective where I can improve working as CTO at Atlantis, I am learning every day and enjoying the adventure. Feedback what I can do better? I am a Dutch guy and can handle direct feedback, just let me know J BTW: It’s great to be part of an awesome list of top influencers in the virtualization field. A complete list is created by Techopedia, check out the other great names on the list.
  5. Storage: Howard Marks from wrote a very comprehensive whitepaper about storage, SDS and Atlantis USX. Howard is a respected leader in the storage space. Do you want to get up2date in 35min instead of reading the whole comprehensive whitepaper? Check out the recording of the webinar.
  6. Inspire: One of the reasons to join Atlantis in May 2015 is to work for a vendor based in California, learning from very smart entrepreneurs like my colleague Chetan Venkatesh and receive insights from VCs and board members. 22 other well know entrepreneurs share the advice that made them successful in this infographic.
  7. Competition: On an almost daily bases I receive questions about our two solutions Atlantis HyperScale – Hyper Converged Infrastructure appliance and Atlantis USX – Software Defined Storage - and the differences between Nutzanix, Simplivity, VMware VSAN and other solutions. To understand the one of the many core differences my colleague wrote two interesting blog post talking about “The Purest IT Infrastructure: and “Made for Solid State”. Together with community friend Steve Greenberg I presented ‘Storage Virtualization Wars’ at BriForum Denver covering the basics of storage, the evolution of storage solutions and the differences between Storage Virtualization, Software Defined Storage, Storage Acceleration and key questions to navigate vendor FUD.
  8. A handy enterprise storage solutions overview is being used in this presentation. Do you want to know more about the content of this presentation? Just let me know. I am happy to share my insights.
  9. Security - Workspace2020: Towards Workspace2020 the role of security becomes more and more critical. Today’s antivirus solutions can’t cope with today’s and tomorrow’s threads because the biggest thread is ‘Me’, the business consumer. The death of Antivirus and what comes next and 21.5 Million Reasons to Defeat the Next Attack are great blogs from industry experts like Simon Crosby from Bromium who explains a complete different approach, micro services and micro virtualization, to handle endpoint protection in a Modern Workspace.
  10. Keynote: Want to watch a nice keynote from James Whittaker, Microsoft and ex-Google employee talking about the Internet of Everything. The first 36 minutes is in Dutch, great when you want to master the Dutch language, after 36:20 it’s just English. Another great keynote is Situation Normal, Everything Must Change from Simon Wardley. Happy watching J
  11. Reference Architectures: Microsoft SQL Server is for most organizations an important database platform. Colleagues Jim Moyle and Patrick Brennan wrote a new Whitepaper: USX Hyper-Converged with MS SQL Server an interesting read with sparkling results. A great reference architecture covering VMware Horizon View is also released. PS: The recording of the webinar ‘Towards AnyCloud: An Inspiring Perspective on Modern Workspace & Datacenter’ is online as well.
Extra: As some of the readers know I like inspiring and funny #NiceQuotes. One of that resonates very well with my daily job. “Dream big, Get Shit Done #GSD, know how to have fun” Finally a funny picture of the Netherlands “The place where a bridge is built so the river can cross the street” and a “give me the smallest network cable, they said ….
When you have questions, feedback, suggestions for great information I definitely must read or potentially share please let me know. If you want to get up2speed fast and want to receive an ‘Atlantis RedBull’ full with interesting Software Defined Storage and Hyper Converged information? Please send me an email and thanks for following me on twitter @rspruijt
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