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April 25, 2016

CTO's Top 10 - April

Ruben Spruijt - Atlantis

Welcome to my monthly newsletter of trends & observations about Enterprise Technology. I truly hope you find the content valuable and entertaining. There is an overwhelming amount of news sources, social media streams, blogs and whitepapers. This monthly newsletter will give you great insights and looks to provide you with the news highlights. If you have great articles for me to read, please share them so I can potentially use them next month.
  1. Storage: For a large magazine, I wrote an article “Most important news according to Ruben Spruijt” this blog posts covers DNA molecules for storage, storage in self-driving cars, flash technoligy and spinning drives future. All topic in one short article, a great read. Please use google translate unless you’re studying Dutch which would be awesome.
    The guys from Storage Switzerland shared their insights about de-duplication Not all “Inline” Dedupe is actually Inline – and it matters. Understanding this topic in-depth is important for everyone interested in Software-Defined Storage, Hyperconverged Infrastructure appliances and Modern Workspace/Data Center. De-duplication is an important topic from both a performance and capacity perspective, this technology separates the boys from the men. Howard Marks explains why he was wrong about how hybrid storage systems will evolve in the article ‘The Future Is All Flash, Not More Flash’.
    Independent Testing from - Deliver up to 60,000 Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes on Atlantis HyperScale which is a great whitepaper.
    My Atlantis colleague Hugo Phan, dual VCDX, used the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 ‘Broadwell’ CPUs while executing Sysbench OLTP MySQL Performance tests with Atlantis HyperScale. His blog post gives good insights of the Atlantis HyperScale configuration and the Sysbench NoSQL results.
  2. Photo and video: Nature is awesome and beautiful. I love hiking both while traveling and when I'm back home. I feel a deep sense of connection outdoors and it reminds me of who is the Creator of all this beautiness. This month I have captured these great photos and video: These Auroras Look Incredible Filmed From the Space Station in Ultra HD and the photographer chases the sun across the world to capture Golden Hour in seven continents. 11 photo’s showcase the power of perspective.
  3. Technology:  The tech world as we know it is about to be rewritten. The enabling technologies in 2016 are AI, NLP, ML, computer vision, speech and many more. Learn more by reading this blog post.  A futuristic vision of the age of holograms and Microsoft Holoportation: virtual 3D teleportation in real-time.  I love technology and its application in the modern workspace and data center.
  4. Inspiration: I truly enjoy helping and inspiring others in 1:1 conversation, via social media, customer meetings or while on-stage at national and international events. There any many people who inspire me both from a business and personal perspective. Some great blogposts did inspire me think will do for you as well. The first one is ‘to think out of your comfort zone, get comfortable’. The second one is ‘Why ‘Modern’ Work Culture Makes People So Miserable’  and ‘how to be a leader, not a manager’ and finally ‘4 Steps to Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone’. I personally like this quote: ‘Managers light a fire under people; Leaders light a fire IN people’ Are you a manager or a leader?
  5. GPU, Graphical Processor Units: In the early days of the GPU, the focus was the domain of high-end gaming PC, geeks and LAN clans. Today, GPUs are used everywhere from high-end workstations, mobile, artificial intelligence, HPC, Desktop Virtualization, Virtual Reality and much more. Three great blog posts about NVIDIA, their GPUs, Atlantis and insights in Desktop Virtualization:
    NVIDIA GRID 2.0 Deep Dive and Configuration , NVIDIA GRID 2.0  - new pricing and licensing model by Jits Langedijk, and my blog post ‘The Tony Stark of the Modern Workspace – Atlantis and NVIDIA
  6. SoftSkills: Well developed softskills are the foundation for every successful professional. Continuous developing of these skills is both valuable and fun. These 7 Habits Of The Best Public Speakers is a good read, not only when you are speaking to large audiences but also small (internal) meetings with colleagues. Microsoft CEO shares his Satya Nadella's Top 10 Rules For Success.
  7. Satya Nadella: In the last couple of years, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella moved the position of the oil tanker, Microsoft, in the right direction with focus on Mobile and Cloud. With great innovation, movement and adoption of Office365, Azure, Hololens, Windows10 and upcoming Server 2016. You might argue about Microsoft's success pointing to Windows Phone and it’s ‘AppCrap’ and ‘AppGab,’ but that’s another story. For me, the fact is that there is a positive vibe around Microsoft -  which wasn’t so much the case just a couple of years ago. I found a great couple of articles about Satya Nadella ‘the secret to a harmonious life is to stop obsessing over your smartphone’ and Microsoft’s Nadella: The future is bots, not apps and finally Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: How I Work
  8. Workspace Over the past few years, 5 different smackdown whitepapers have been created and maintained with more than 120.000 downloads. This is a huge achievement and a team effort. Former colleague Rob Beekmans led the team and updated the ‘User Environment Management – UEM – Smackdown which is now available for download.
    Interested to learn more about Workspace as a Service with Workspot and Atlantis? Please read: Future of VDI Technology with Atlantis and Workspot and a reference architecture.
  9. Cloud Computing: If you’re a programmer or techie, chances are you’ve at least heard of Docker. It is a helpful tool for packing, shipping, and running applications within “containers.” It would be hard not to have heard of it with all the attention it’s getting these days. This great blog post will bring you up to speed in just a couple of minutes: A Beginner-Friendly Introduction to Containers, VMs and Docker. Roundup of cloud computing forecasts and market estimates 2016 by Forbes. Citrix VP & CTO Christian Reilly wrote 5 Years In Information Security – What has changed?
  10. Fun:  10 Hilariously over-the-top startup offices. Funny that some crazy Dutch offices are captured as well. Crazy Dutch guys!
Extra: I am passionate about the problems we at Atlantis solve for our customers. I am proud to be part of a great team at Atlantis Computing with awesome customers, partners and ACEs -  Atlantis Community Experts. If you want to know more what we do, read this short update Atlantis backgrounder

My favorite quote for this month: “Sell the problem you solve, not the product.” What is your favorite quote?  

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